Medicinal Properties


Medicinal Properties

Лечебни свойства на продуктите на Роуз Дивайн

The useful properties of rose water are well known. For thousands of years rose water has been an indispensable assistant in beauty rituals. The strong anti-inflammatory properties have made rose water especially effective in the treatment of skin problems and irritations. The antiseptic qualities of rose water help for the faster healing of skin injuries. Its antioxidant effect contribute for cell strengthening and tissue regeneration. Beyond doubt, the most valuable of rose water properties is that it revives ageing skin, preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is a good agent to fight impeded blood flow conditions and heart disorders (heartbeat and arrhythmia), high blood pressure and liver disorders. It has a favorable effect in conditions involving allergy, asthma, headache, migraine, nausea, rhinitis or cough. Rose oil has a purifying effect on female reproducing organs. It may be used to achieve hormonal balance, or in cases of irregular menstruation periods, discharges, bleeding. Rose oil has an antiseptic effect for dry and irritated skin. It is also successfully used for ruptured capillaries, skin inflammation or reddening, eczema, herpes or conjunctivitis.

Лечебни свойства на продуктите от розово масло
Спа процедури с рози

The queen of flowers is highly valued not only because of its irresistible fragrance and exquisite beauty, but also for its curative and rejuvenating properties, that have been known since ancient times.
Dried rose petals… The scent of the dried red varieties blossoms has a soothing effect and stimulates mental activity. Decoctions and infusions are made of them which can treat gastrointestinal disturbances, angina, flu, colds and gum inflammations. In cosmetic industry the red rose petals are used for the manufacture of products having whitening, cleansing and refreshing effect on oily skin.

The white rose petals contain resins and phlegm substances with a laxative effect. Dried and ground rose petals, added to water, can relieve stomachaches. Decoctions are suitable for children. The jam made of white rose petals has a strongly laxative effect. Cosmetics based on the light varieties (white, pink and yellow) are intended for dry, normal and delicate skin.
The magic of the Rose Damascena is a fact. This is the flower, the most precious potion in perfumery and cosmetics is made from, and whose oil is employed in the most demanded beauty additives.

лечебните свойства на розовия цвят


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