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Village of Rozino

The village of Rozino is located in the Bulgarian Rose Valley, called the Heavenly Land owing to its beauty and fertility. The village is cradled in a natural bio corridor formed between Sredna Gora and the Balkan mountains. In this spot of Paradise, the most favorable climatic conditions are generated – moderate temperature and high atmospheric humidity, which, in combination with the light sandy cinnamon forest soils assist for the yield of a rose oil of utmost quality. That is where the name of the village Rozino originates from.
Annually, in the end of May and in the beginning of June the gathering of the rose buds is given a start with folklore fertility rites.


The climate in the Rose Valley is of mixed humid continental and transitory continental nature. Daily temperatures are considerably high and nights are cool. Rainfalls in the Rose Valley are mostly in spring, having its peak in June. Nevertheless these rainfalls are not heavy, the rainy days are quite sufficient. This climate extends the period of blossoming, suppresses the rose oil evaporation and increases the oil yield thus contributing for the production of rose oil of very high quality.

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Soils are characterized by great variety; deluvial and deluvial-meadow soils; meadow-chernozem soils, leached cinnamon forest soils whereas the prevailing soil type are the cinnamon forest soils. These are the soils within the lands of the Rozino region, where the rose plantations of Rose Divine are found. Rich in sand, clay and even of fertile gravel, the soil allows for easy cultivation. The most important is, that it does not retain water long after the rainfalls and does not become marshy. Meanwhile, it is capable of retaining in-depth moisture for a long time. Ground-frost is rarely formed in the region.


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